Top 10 fundraising tips

 1. Get a plan
Your sponsorship total may seem a little daunting at first so before you get started, put a plan together of how you expect to raise the money. This will help you to set realistic targets and make sure that you get your sponsorship money in on time.

2. Think about your skills
What can you do that your supporters would be willing to pay for? Previous ideas have included a hairdresser putting on a fashion show and one budding cook offering their catering services for small dinner parties.

3. Think about who you know
How can you reach people beyond your usual group of friends or colleagues forsponsorship. If you have children, could they raise money through school? A team event, like a quiz evening or some kind of sponsored event means that your friends and colleagues will ask their friends, family and colleagues for sponsorship or to take part in the event. Your supporters don't always have to part with their cash to help you out. Could they donate a prize? Could they donate a venue or perhaps just help shake a collecting tin? Do they have contacts that you may be useful to you?

4. Give your supporters something for their money
You can often get a better response by giving people something in return for their money than by asking them for straight sponsorship. This could be as simple as offering balloons or stickers when out collecting or on a larger scale putting on an event

5. Give yourself plenty of time to plan an event and make the most of it!
It's often easier to put time into a couple of large events, than spending every weekend down at the car boot sale! It's important to give yourself more time than you think you need, you never know just how long it's going to take to licences, permits etc to come through. There's always a chance to get more money out of people once you've got them to your event! Never hold an event without a raffle/ auction or some other fundraising activity.

Your supporters don't always have to part with their cash to help you out. Could they donate a prize?

6. Use events in the calendar to time your fundraising
Certain events work better at certain times of the year, and help you to caputure people's enthusiasm. For example, Christmas is the perfect time for bag packing, Valentines Day is great for a speed dating event. You could hold an Easter Egg Hunt during the Easter holidays. Sporting/entertainment events (World Cup, Grand National, Eurovision etc) are perfect for sweepstakes and themed parties, just use your imagination.

7. Can your employer help?
Make the most of your workplace. Ask your employer to match what you raise, or even give a donation. Many companies set aside a fund for this purpose. Find out what your company has to offer. Do they have a Charity of the Year scheme? It could be as simple as using their notice board and intranet to advertise your events or getting suppliers and other other companies to back you.

8. Take advantage of something that already exists
Make your fundraising just that little bit easier by using something that already exists. Does your local pub already have a quiz? Might they be willing to donate the proceeds? Does your workplace already have a dress down day? Will your local church do a collection for you?

9. Use the media
A bit of self-publicity never harmed anyone! Use your local press to tell everyone about your challenge, any corporate sponsors you may have and your forthcoming fundraising events. We have template press release forms which you can adapt and send to your local newspapers. They love stories about people doing fundraising for charities and it really helps us raise awareness of NDCS and our work as well as helping with your sponsorship!

10. Stand out from the crowd
If you're doing a street collection or sponsored event, make sure you look legitimate. You're representing the NDCS and people will be anxious that their money is going to the charity. Wear your FREE NDCS t-shirt and an ID badge (we can provide you with a badge, simply send us a passport sized photo)