Cycling tips

There is no doubt about it, training for events is tough! You’ll be well rewarded however when you’ve completed the challenge. Stick to our training advice and you shouldn’t go wrong!

Make sure that your bike saddle is at the correct height. When you are sitting on the saddle your toes should barely touch the ground - your feet are not expected to act as brakes! If your saddle is too low it will increase the work rate and can cause pain in your knees.

Try and make the best use of your gears. If you are in a low gear on the flat ground your pedalling rate will be too fast and you will expend unnecessary energy.

When ascending hills, changing gear whilst pedalling on the flatter terrain is still relatively easy. When you are pushing up a steep hill it is difficult to change gear because the gears are too taut.

When training, and especially when going on longer rides, remember to take water, a small medical kit, puncture repair kit and your cycle helmet on every ride.

Professional advice
Mark Tomlinson, a fully qualified Health & Fitness Instructor, has very kindly offered to give telephone advice to anyone who would like any hints on training. If you feel a little expert intervention might be of use he can be contacted on 01837 811128.

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