Fitting training into your life

Obviously with work, family and fundraising commitments you may not always be able to get out training. However in order to get close completing a good training plan, it is very important to organise your time properly. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you maximise your training, even if you feel you have no time outside work.
  • You must organise your week to make time to get out to do some training.

  • Get up an hour earlier and go out for a quick cycle with some stretching in the morning before work while it is still light.

  • Try an exercise circuit sheet to help build specific muscle groups. 

  • If you can cycle to work, do so. If you can't cycle the whole distance between work and home, why not cycle to a station / bus stop in between home and work and then continue your journey on public transport. You will obviously need to be happy that you are able to leave your bike in a safe and secure place.

  • Use your lunchtimes to take regular brisk walks or cycle around your work area.

  • Find a steep set of stairs i.e. five floors of a department store/office block and climb them five times, at least three times per week.

  • Swimming, squash, badminton, fast walking and any other sport will also help get you prepared.

  • You should make the time to cycle on some consecutive long days: an isolated Sunday ride does not have the same effect as two consecutive days. Nothing will prepare you for the trip better than actually cycling.

  • In the Gym (a) Joining a leisure centre where the local fitness instructors can design a programme specifically for you (b) 1 hour of QUALITY workout in the gym is worth 2 hours out on the road, but does not prepare you physically in the same way (c) Most good gyms have exercise bikes, or even better spinning classes, where you can clock up mileage more safely and comfortably BUT do try to cycle as much as possible in 'real' conditions. The more you can train in similar conditions to your challenge, both in terms of terrain and weather, the better (d) A good idea is to use a circuit of machines giving aerobic workout e.g. rowing, cross-country skiing, stepper / climber, exercise bike. Spinning classes are excellent, leg weight training is also recommended.

    Note: Before using any gym equipment, please ensure that you are properly instructed by the staff at your gym / leisure centre.

You may not stick to the training guide exactly but you need to keep it in mind and to do regular exercise every week according to the guide. You will enjoy this challenge far more if you are physically fit, indeed, without training you may not be able complete this challenge.

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