Training programme for moderately fit

There is no doubt about it, training for events is tough! You’ll be well rewarded however when you’ve completed the challenge. Stick to our training advice and you shouldn’t go wrong!

Weeks 1 -4
The first 4 weeks should be spent introducing a regular programme into your training and concentrating on your cadence (link to blurb on cadence on main intro to fitness), which will help develop your strength for the sustained ride over 10 days. A mileage of 15 miles three times a week combined with alternate Sunday rides of 30 miles should be attempted for the first month.

Weeks 5 - 8
The second lot of 4 weeks should see you feeling stronger and confident to increase the mileage; your cadence should be fluent and comfortable, and the three rides a week should be covering about 25 miles each and the Sunday rides up to 40 miles.

Weeks 9- 11
The penultimate 3 weeks should see the introduction of a fourth training ride every week, these four rides should be around 30 miles in length with three Sunday rides a month of 50 miles or more. You should by now be feeling comfortable with all these distances as long as you don't push yourself too hard.

Week 12
The final week should be spent winding down with three 10 - 15 mile rides and the confidence that you know you can complete and enjoy the 10-day ride ahead of you.

To get into some hilly country to experience cycling on different surfaces and to experience the hills and of course the weather.

To make sure you plan adequate rest/recovery days as part of the training.

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