Training programme for non-cyclists moderately fit

There is no doubt about it, training for events is tough! You’ll be well rewarded however when you’ve completed the challenge. Stick to our training advice and you shouldn’t go wrong!

Week 1- 4
A cycle ride every other day should be attempted for the first 4 weeks and the mileage should be between 5 and 10 miles, there is no need to over stretch the ride by pushing a gear that is too difficult, or riding as fast as you can, this can come later.

Week 5 - 8
Before you know it you will find yourself being able to push harder gears while maintaining the same RPM. After you have become comfortable with your cadence and riding position, it will be time to start stepping up the mileage. For the next 4 weeks you should attempt to ride 15 - 20 miles 3 times a week, with a Sunday ride every other weekend of about 25 miles.

Week 9 - 10
By now you should be feeling really confident and starting to enjoy the sport of cycling. In the next 2 weeks it would be worth maintaining the same schedule but now starting to ride 20 - 25 miles three times a week with an alternate Sunday ride of 30 miles.

Week 11 - 12
The following 2 weeks should see the introduction of an extra day's cycling into your training, this day's mileage may only be around 10 - 15 miles but it will help you get a feel for cycling day after day. It would now be a good idea to step up the Sunday rides to three a month with a mileage of 40 miles.

Week 13- 15
In the final three weeks your daily mileage should be around 30 miles on each outing and any Sunday rides should break 50 miles.

Week 16
A week before you leave for the trip you should wind down and perhaps attempt 3 short 10 - 15 mile rides.

To get into some hilly country to experience cycling on different surfaces and to experience the hills and of course the weather.

To make sure you plan adequate rest/recovery days as part of the training

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